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Managing Partner & Executive Chef

Mr. Sparrow graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. He worked in every department of the restaurant industry and learned all of the day to day operations. He is in charge of culinary creative and menu design at all restaurants. Mr. Sparrow oversees the operations and growth of Common Plate Hospitality. This includes brand creation, design, construction, numbers and budgets.  Mr. Sparrow has a strong belief in team building and support driven management. As a visionary in the restaurant field, the general growth and success of Commonplate Hospitality are near to his heart. He was born, raised and currently resides in the City of Alexandria and is a TC Williams High School Alum. He shares his love for boating and passion for cooking with his  wife, son, daughter and two dogs.  



Larry’s culinary interest and skills were noticed at a regional cooking competition when he was 12 years old and was offered a full scholarship to Johnson and Wales culinary school in Norfolk, VA. Considering his age, he decided not to accept the offer and his athletic and academic prowess landed him at Virginia Tech where he excelled in the classroom and on the baseball field.  Larry settled in Arlington after graduating in 2005 with a degree in economics. While working in the real estate industry and attending Georgetown University for his Master’s degree, Larry met Chad Sparrow and they founded Advanced Construction Group. Larry oversees all real estate acquisitions and construction procurement for Common Plate Hospitality. He resides in Arlington with his wife Megan and their daughter Sloane.

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