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Serve guests quickly, efficiently, and with complete knowledge of food and beverage menus. Offer superior customer service, also maintain stations in a clean and orderly manner throughout shifts.

Full  / Part-time 


JOB RESPONSIBILITES: These may change over the course of employment.


  • Warmly greets and acknowledges guests upon arrival.

  • Effectively merchandises food and beverage in an informative, friendly and enthusiastic manner.

  • Accurately takes guest orders.

  • Presets tables before each course and pre-busses throughout the meal.

  • Performs quality check backs within two bites or two minutes after guest food is delivered.

  • Polishes all silverware and glassware used for service.

  • Cleans, stocks, and maintains the workstations throughout shift.

  • Follows all safety and sanitation policies.

  • Performs and completes assigned daily side-work.

  • Correctly and precisely calculates each guest check.

  • Correctly cashes out at the end of shift.

  • Follows all standards of training and professional conduct.

  • Maintains a clean, neat, well-groomed appearance.

  • Executes all Marketing promotions and special events.

  • Performs additional responsibilities, although not detailed, as requested by a manager.



Availability to work nights and weekends

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